Xeuber web shop launch promoting UV-C air sanitation

Today we are happy to launch our new web-shop, featuring carefully selected health and wellness products and medical equipment for home care alike.

All equipment and products are modern state of the art products of superior quality for private and commercial use.

Our wellbeing and our health are most depending on the environment we are living in and on the ambience we are creating around us.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to create safe living conditions for ourselves and those around us during the current pandemic and post pandemic time.

It is a responsibility for any company or any business to create a safe work floor environment for all employees, visitors, and clients.

Highly efficient UV-C disinfection system for reliably deactivating micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria, or mold spores in the ambient air.

In our home, schools, offices and workplaces, shops, restaurants and hotels, pubs and bars, wellness and health facilities, fitness gyms, doctor’s practices,

clinics, hospitals, public transport facilities etc. etc. wherever people are gathering.

With our modern UV-C technology we can create a healthy environment by purifying the air we are breathing wherever we are gathering indoors.

UV discharge lamps emit a comparatively high proportion of short-wave, energy-rich UV radiation (UV-C) which makes them ideally suited for germ reduction.

The DNA of the germs is irreversibly damaged, preventing them spreading. UV-C irradiation allows chemical-free disinfection and gains highest inactivation rates.

Our equipment meets all safety guidelines for UV Irradiation.


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